CSCI 5530 - Software Engineering 


Professor: Dr. James K. Harris

Classroom:   IT 2207

Time : 3:30-4:45 TR

Schaums Outline of Software Engineering by David Gustafson (required - can be purchased on Amazon)

Software Engineering by Ian Sommerville
Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach by Roger S Pressman
Fundamentals of Software Engineering (2nd Edition) by Carlo Ghezzi
Software Engineering : An Object-Oriented Perspective by Eric J. Braude

: a "C" or better in  CSCI 5330, CSCI 5335 and CSCI 5432 or permission of instructor  - NOTE - if you do not have the prerequisites or permission, you WILL be dropped automatically from this class .

Office : IT 2309

Office hours: See my web page at        Other times by appointment

 Grading :

1.  Quizzes - 10%

2. Faculty Rating of Project - 20%

3. Peer Ratings - 10% (you can lose more)

4. Client Ratings of Project - 20%

5. Presentations - 10%

6. Attendance - 10% (You can lose more than 10% - see below)

7. Project Notebooks 20%

The material on all quizzes comes from either material covered in class, homework problems, and/or assigned readings. There will be no makeup quizzes given.  If a quiz is missed for any reason and it has been determined that you have a valid excuse (see "Attendance" below), the quiz will not count against you.    Late assignments will result in 10% off your grade for the first day or portion of that day, and 10% off your grade for each subsequent day or portion of that day the assignment is late. Punishment for a first offense of academic dishonesty will result in a zero for that test, assignment or final exam. A second offense will result in a grade of "F" for the course. Plagiarisim is not tolerated. If you use code that has not been written by you, then that code MUST be commented with a reference giving credit to the author of that code. If this is not done, then this constitutes an offense of academic dishonesty.

Grading scale for final grades:

         A 90 - 100

         B 80 - 89

         C 70 - 79

         D 60 - 69

         F 0 - 59

All numerical grades will be rounded off to the nearest digit.

Course Goals and Outcomes:  

         To be able to construct reliable high quality enterprise software that is  easy to understand, modify and maintain using state of the art methodologies.

Attendance:  I expect students to attend class and to pay attention while in class. Please note that in addition to being marked absent for not attending class (unexcused), you can be marked absent if you do not show up for class on time unexcused or if you leave class early unexcused. Please see below for the definition of an excused abscence. You lose 1 point off of your final grade for each of the first three unexcused abscences. You lose 3 points off of your final grade for each of the next 3 excused abscenses (abscenses 4-6). You lose 9 points off of your final grade for each unexcused abscense after 6. If you miss a class unexcused, then it is your responsibility to make up the missed material.  The instructor will help the student make up the missed material only if you have an excused absence (see below).   Under no circumstances will you be automatically dropped from this course, except after receiving six demerits (see Courtesy and manners below) or not having the course pre-requisites (see above).  It is the responsibility of the student (meaning you) to drop this course.

 An absence will be excused for the following cases only: (these also apply to quizzes and tests)

·         A medical emergency with a doctors excuse

·         If the student notifies the instructor before the missed class with what the instructor considers to be a legitimate excuse. Tests in other classes, other coursework, partying all night, etc. are not legitimate excuses.

Courtesy and manners: If a student disrupts class, they will be given a demerit. This will lower their final grade by 1 point for each of the first two demerits given, two points for each of the next two demerits given, and four points for each of the next two demerits given. After six demerits, the student will be automatically dropped from the course. The giving of demerits is at the discretion of the instructor.

Academic honesty: Anyone caught cheating the first time on a test or examination will receive a grade of F for that test or examination.  If you are caught a second time cheating in this class, you will receive an F for the course and possible dismissal from Georgia Southern University.

Students with special needs:  If you have a physical, psychological, and/or learning disability which might affect your performance in this class, please contact the Student Disability Resource Center in Hamton Hall as soon as possible.  The Student Disability Resource Center will determine appropriate accommodations based on testing and medical documentation.


August 12 - University Fall Convocation (for Faculty and Staff)
August 17 - Classes Begin
September 7 - Labor Day Holiday – Administrative offices closed – No classes
October 12 - Last day to withdraw without academic penalty
November 23-27 - Thanksgiving Holidays
December 2 - Classes end
December 7-10 - Final exams
December 11 - Commencement at Hanner Fieldhouse

Homework and Topics 

Date Due

Homework (Due on that day before class)


Aug 18


Team Assignments

Aug 20

Project Write-up due

Feasibility Studies and

Software Life Cycles

Aug 25



Aug 27 Feasibility study due

SRS Document

Sep 1


Project Managements

Sep 3

Requirements due

Project Planning

Sep 8


Project Planning

Sep 10


Software Design

Sep 15

Project schedule due

Test Plans

Sep 17


Software Testing

Sep 22


SQA Plans

Sep 24

Project design and test plan due

SQA and Post-Mortum

Sep 29


Software Testing Part 2

Oct 1


Unit testing with JUnit

Oct 6

SQA plan due 
UML Review

Oct 8


UML Review

Oct 13


UML Review

Oct 15

Version Control

Oct 20

Code Check - turn in what code you have so far (zipped)

Version Control

Oct 22


Software Metrics

Oct 27


Software Metrics

Oct 29


Eclipse and SoftwareMetrics

Nov 3

Code Check - turn in what code you have so far (zipped)

Project Reports 

Nov 5



Nov 10



Nov 12

Alpha version

Presentations and Notebooks

Nov 17


Presentations and Notebooks

Nov 19

Beta version

Project Reports

Nov 24,26 Thanksgiving holiday

Dec 1  


Dec 3 Final version of report and software due


Dec 10

Presentations (in the classroom)

(12:30 PM - 2:30PM)